Josh Trent: Greater Wellness Through Technology

Can technology really help you reach your wellness goals?



Josh Trent reveals the simple steps and tools to unlock your healthy potential...


Our Guest:


Josh Trent is the founder of and host of the #1 iTunes rated New & Noteworthy podcast, Wellness Force Radio. Awarded “Top 50 Digital Health Influencers 2015” by Onalytica, Josh is a Wellness Consultant, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Quantified Self enthusiast & expert in Fitness Technology.


Josh’s motivation to create Wellness Force in 2009 and coach over 10,000 training sessions is rooted deep in the fabric of where he came from; an early childhood & adolescent life plagued with weight & health struggles.


With national accreditation from multiple fitness organizations, and with over 10 years of high-level experience in the health & fitness industry, Josh provides content for multiple fitness & digital health publications such as WellnessFX, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, Digital Health, and the Fitness Industry Technology Council.


Quick Preview of the Podcast:

- How to empower greater wellness through technology.

- Learn what the “quantified self” movement really is.

- The exact strategies to get your health off the ground this year.

- What you can do to start your fitness journey and measure it without judgement.


Tune in to reach your optimal wellbeing in 17’.


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