The Key To Creating Community

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How do you build and nurture your tribe?

The phrase “creating community” gets thrown around a lot in wellness spaces, but what does it actually mean and how can we create it authentically? We’re going to shift from the old “networking” model where we focus on what we can get into the new “connection” model where were unite with likeminded (and likehearted!) people for the benefit of ALL of us. 

You know what? Let’s not just talk about it. Let’s do it! 

You’ll leave with tools and real life experience to expand your circle and vibe with your tribe. Join us Soul Warrior — let’s meditate, share, learn, and play as we build our community together! 

Sunday, May 15th

5:00 PM EST

114 5th Ave. NY, NY 

(17th & 5th)

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