5 Key Practices of Career Manifestation

    In this episode, Shannon is laying down the 5 key practices of Career Manifestation! Tune in to learn the 5 most essential practices that have informed the way in which Shannon goes about making career decisions and moves. Release scarcity, open to possibility, and access the confidence within yourself to take action in

Miracle Monday with Shannon

      This is a special episode that was recorded by Shannon LIVE in the 100 Days of Gratitude FB group.   Quick Recap of the Podcast: Learn how to shift your perception from fear to love The difference between giving and receiving Trust in the divine power within you Some fun burts of

Shannon’s Top 3 Lessons From 2017

      Soul Warriors — this year was a big one for a lot of us. Transformative, challenging, and sometimes even earth shattering (literally).   With great challenges come great transformations. In this podcast, Shannon shares his Top 3 Lessons from 2017 and Top 3 Intentions for 2018.   Quick Preview of the Podcast:

Healing Justice: A New Podcast with Kate Werning

How are social justice and healing work so powerfully connected?   Our Guest:   Kate Werning is the creator and host of Healing Justice Podcast. A decade-long community organizer and social movement trainer, Kate sought out yoga, somatics, meditation, and other healing modalities to sustain her activism and integrate the pursuit of internal and external

Practice Giving Thanks with Shannon

Practice Giving Thanks with Shannon Just how powerful is the practice of giving thanks?     Quick Preview of the Podcast: Shannon’s favorite quote about gratitude. Fascinating research on practicing gratitude. Turn scarcity into enough-ness. How the ‘100 Days of Gratitude’ challenge is changing lives.   Begin your Day 1 in our ‘100 Days of

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